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Interesting controls for an old game.

I like to see people trying new things and attempting innovation! Props for that. However, I don't think this is quite perfect.

Perhaps if you could still move your ship Independence from your mouse I would enjoy it more. As is, I was frustrated that I couldn't shoot at anything that was near the bottom of the screen without being hit by it.

I accidentally used the bomb a number of times, I would place that button elsewhere.

The visuals, while pretty, made me a tad nauseous (especially when it did the speeding up motion, which seemed to serve no purpose aside from making me sick).

Finally, I agree with others that you needed a boss or something to help climax the action. Still an entertaining game with a new look at a classic play style!

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You have created a delightful puzzler here, but more than that you have simplified programming to a level that non-programmers can understand. I would suggest on a future version that after you complete a puzzle, instead of immediately jumping to the next puzzle, give the player a chance to show off how he did it to nearby friends.

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I love it! Played through it quite a few times. I have only one complaint though. Your tutorial doesn't mention that the timer thats counting down is for all the levels, not just the level you are on at the time. In other words, I'd prefer that the timer reset on each level instead of making you have to stop eventually.

Okay... Sit down son.

Alright buddy... Some basic things that you're missing here to make this a flash worth submitting:

1. Menu with information on what the controls of the game are.
2. More detailed art. Have more than just yellow dots that you're avoiding. Have your ship point in the direction you're moving as well, rather than just in a single direction. Maybe place a hubble telescope picture as a background or something.
3. Content! This is way too simple, instead of having yellow dots spawn and go in a random direction, maybe spawn a few enemy space saucers that shoot at you. Give your ship a weapon to fight them with, maybe drop some powerups or something when you kill an enemy. Think up something interesting!

Push yourself to learn new things, friend. This is good practice flash, but not a good final product.

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I have to say... Your talent at facial expressions and body language are amazing. I doubt you will ever read this, but I really wanted to compliment your abilities as an artist after seeing some of your submissions. And of course it was pretty damn hot too.

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I see some potential with this battle system, and it was a nice twist to put live pictures instaed of drawings to animate the combat. The first time I started it up I clicked apprentice level and it loaded the battle screen and then said I lost... without ever having faught. I tried it again and it worked, so I don't know what happened. Work out the bugs, add sound effects, maybe some new pictures so you don't look so delighted when you get hit with an axe and you might have yourself a battle system to play with :)

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Nice idea, but could use some work

Biggest problem I had:

I'm sitting a few inches from a Z. So I push Z and then it drags me across the entire screen to get the Z that just appeared, slamming me into a bunch of the rocks along the way. I'm thinking you need a cancel button so if you go flying towards the wrong side of the screen you can stop yourself. It would also be nice if you went for the closest letter rather than just the most recent.

It's an interesting idea though, definatly worth fixing up.

Great start

Noice. I would definatly suggest you add some form of powerups to give the player something to do aside from just bounce on heads. One could maybe be a one-time use bounce bar at the bottom of the screen so you have a second chance at keeping a combo going, some way to get extra lives would be good too. Adding multi-color emoticons could mix things up a bit, ones that change color every second or two. It's a fun, simple game that could have potential for something truely addicting.

Nice except...

Freakin spelling errors killed me. I missed about 3 or 4 of the questions just due to stupid spelling mistakes. While I could have gone to the trouble of spellchecking them, thats a bit more work then I'd like for a game. Other then that, nice one again, zipper fish.

Good game, bad target audiance

This is a pretty well made little game... But your target audiance for this sort of this is kind of small, I'd think. Me, being not one of your target audiance, recogizes the fact that it is a good concept for a game, and it's challenging, but not too hard... But I've no interest in helping some girl pleasure a guy's cock, no matter how many cool tattoos he's got on it. Someone else mentioned making this for pleasuring a woman, and I think that's a pretty good idea. Might be less likely to really hapen in real life, but who gives a shit? It's a damn game where you suck people's cocks.

Overall, well made, but less dick, if you please.

Hitting up school and work, trying to learn actionscript in my spare time. Side-scroller in the works, but not any time soon.

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