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Excellent pacing through-out, I especially enjoyed the little details that make it worth watching again (the notes written to the "cernal", etc.)

I did feel the section immediately after the flashback was a little weak compared to the rest of the animation though. Still very impressed!

Subtitles may have been a good option to emphasize the awesome spelling and grammar that Mr. Chimaera is (in)famous for.

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Phobotech responds:

Yeahhh, I admittedly got pretty sloppy around the flashback. It was one of those situations, not unlike when working on Zone of the Awesome or Dick Neck, where I had been working on it for so long, that I was steadily becoming more and more sick of it. In those areas, it was definitely rushed. (As well as the Zombie scene and to an extent, the credits.)

Ahh, yeah, and I forgot to learn how to make subtitles! I'll have to work on that in the future :P

Thanks a whole bunch, James! Sorry I couldn't implement the Dad whacking Lil' Stalvern with his eyes like a billy club like we talked about in class. lol


But what about their OLD logo, with the valve in the eye? :D

Falconer02 responds:

There's a lot of theories going around in these reviews...most think it's either Nick or Gordon Freeman! But I did some research...it might be Kelly Bailey who does the music for HL and such. I don't know though. Glad u liked it though!

Haw, but timing?

Nice little joke, but I think you made it a little too long.

*spoiler* I would have let the audience in on the joke but not the characters. For example, when the guy thinks to himself "they should have put in an escalator," quickly pull the camera back to reveal that he IS on an escalator, maybe having the guy up top preform the patented "face palm" technique to finish it off.

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Interesting controls for an old game.

I like to see people trying new things and attempting innovation! Props for that. However, I don't think this is quite perfect.

Perhaps if you could still move your ship Independence from your mouse I would enjoy it more. As is, I was frustrated that I couldn't shoot at anything that was near the bottom of the screen without being hit by it.

I accidentally used the bomb a number of times, I would place that button elsewhere.

The visuals, while pretty, made me a tad nauseous (especially when it did the speeding up motion, which seemed to serve no purpose aside from making me sick).

Finally, I agree with others that you needed a boss or something to help climax the action. Still an entertaining game with a new look at a classic play style!

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You have created a delightful puzzler here, but more than that you have simplified programming to a level that non-programmers can understand. I would suggest on a future version that after you complete a puzzle, instead of immediately jumping to the next puzzle, give the player a chance to show off how he did it to nearby friends.

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I love it! Played through it quite a few times. I have only one complaint though. Your tutorial doesn't mention that the timer thats counting down is for all the levels, not just the level you are on at the time. In other words, I'd prefer that the timer reset on each level instead of making you have to stop eventually.

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It fits a niche nicely.

While this isn't really the sort of music most people would sit down and listen to for fun, it has its place. You've created something that would work very well in a dramatic video game, I think. I could see this playing in the background while a character tells of their abused past. Well done!


I was reading through the reviews while rocking out to this, then realized that it had looped three times without me noticing! Making the end of the song sound like a drop into the beginning of the song was a masterstroke, sir. I really love this song, I let it loop another three times before I could bring myself to let go. Fav part is the drop around 1:23. Loving all your work so far!

Or4nges responds:

It's catchy, you like it.

Or something. Thanks for the kind words! I think I should start looping my songs again, everyone always compliments that :p

Needs something, but good!

I really like the start and end of this one! It never seems to really hit a climax or anything, maybe speed it up a bit once it gets going. Keep it up!

DigitalPulse responds:

Yea, maybe.

Thanks for the review,

Digital Pulse

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Spah around here...

Har, always good too see fan-art of this game. I must agree that the head should be a bit slimmer though, mostly around the back of his jaw (in the lower left of the picture). In a short statement you captured his style of speech though, gj on that, though a bit of an accent would show a bit more familiarity with the character. Nice, but simple, background. It compliments the simple content of the work.


Reminds me of something you would see in a Phil Foglio work. Love it!

Very nice

High quality art! Reminds me of the Gold Digger series. Maybe a little excessive on the shiny factor though.

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